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DJ Michael Hale


Over the last 30+ years I have had the wonderful experience of providing just the right entertainment for all sorts of events. I always feel honored to not only share in the celebration, but to also know that I will be providing everlasting memories for everyone who attends your special day.


I have learned over the years that your DJ must be more than someone who just sets up equipment and plays streamed music.  Even though we do have library of over 400,000 songs, that is not enough. A professional should be an entertainment director & coordinator.  Most importantly the music needs to be customized to your requests and guests. A quality professional DJ needs to reads the crowd and change up the music to ensure everyone is having a wonderful memorable time!


(Organizing & Overseeing to customize all the details of your special day!) Working with you, realizing the investment and value, to help keep everything flowing and your guests informed and involved throughout your celebration.


There is just something about grabbing your friends and striking a pose. Our state of the art touch screen XL mirror will create laugh-out-loud memories, inspire fun, and create energy at your event.  

Expressions of Music mirror photo booth is the perfect combination of modern technology and a full-length mirror. The mystery is found behind the mirror, where you’ll find a Canon DSLR camera, and all components necessary to create amazing photos! 

Our Photobooth becomes the center of interactive entertainment for your event! Guests can engage with the touchscreen with just the tip of their finger! They only need to grab-a-prop, touch the screen and strike their best pose! The animation will countdown until their photo is taken. The software offers a quick preview ensuring everyone gets a fabulous photo print!

You will delight in seeing your guests of all ages produce some of the best photos taken at your event. Add our large selection of fun props and costumes for the ultimate photo booth experience!


We provide customized professional wireless up-lighting to enhance your event. Customized Monogram Projection services also available.

Expressions of Music lighting service adds romance, color, and ambiance to transform your function room or tent into a magically lit setting for your perfect event. Our lights can also sync to the beat of the music, adding excitement and bringing your dance floor to life!

Monogram Projection adds a personal touch to your event space. Whether you choose one of our templates to customize or work with us to build a custom monogram from scratch – we can make your monogram dreams come true!

big screen projection

Business & Corporate

We provide complete professional production by providing sound, lighting, and large projection screen setup for your event. We will enhance your event with the skill of 30 years of being a master of ceremonies and DJ excellence to bring energy to your company’s events and meetings. 


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